Why didn’t my home sell?

So your listing expired? Now what?

You have some questions and they need to be answered. There are usually three main reasons why your house didn’t sell and its usually a combination of them. There is a buyer for every house, if your house didn’t sell its one of the following that didn’t work: the house, the agent, or the price. Let’s look at them all in a little more detail.

So your home usually isn’t the problem, this is normally tied in with the asking price being wrong. The reason the house gets its own paragraph is if isn’t show in the best light it wont get what its worth. Now to explain that further, an outdated house or a house that isn’t staged properly won’t typically get sell for maximum value. Of course you’ll have to lay out some money up front to “freshen” up the house but the higher selling price it will bring is well worth the effort. Staging is another area that will help the house sell for what its worth. Presenting a home and living in it tend to look very different. The goal of staging is to help the buyer see the house for its true potential and visualized themselves living there.

Now the price is a very important factory in sell the house obviously. People tend to think there is some sort of magic when selling a home that will get a selling price of more than what the house is worth. There is no magic! There are tricks to getting a higher price but they do not involve listing the house for more than its worth. People also tend to forget you don’t have to accept an offer even if it is exactly at your asking price. You can counter offer with a higher price.

Lastly the agent you chose could be the problem. Not all agents are created equal, which is a good thing. It allows you to shop around and find the agent for the job. There are a few reasons you list with an agent instead of trying to sell the house yourself but the one we want to talk about in this article is marketing. The agents job is to advertise the home to as many potential buyers as possible. Some things to remember when selecting an agent is cheaper is not always better. Marketing costs money and that money comes from the agents last commission check. There is a reason they can list your house for less, its because they do less to market your house. Thats not to say all agents that insist on a full commission will market your home properly, but there is a better chance, its up to you, the seller, to judge whether they will be capable of doing the job.

So if your house didn’t sell its most likely a combination of the above. Everyones selling situation is unique, and I hope this information will help you to better set a price and pick an agent in the future. And if you’re in the south bay and need someone to come list your home I’d love to interview for the job. You can find more about me and my services on my personal website at bradpickensrealty.com Even if you don’t live in the south bay, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in contact with me!

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