What’s Happening to Mary Ave

So I’m sure you have seen the construction going on down Mary Ave. And I’m sure most people have googled what the plan is, but if you haven’t hopefully this article will shed some light on the plan for the upcoming months.

The city of Sunnyvale has been planning to add bike lanes down Mary for some time now, a quick search of the internet will show articles dating all the way back to 2009. It’s been a topic of much debate on the usefulness of reducing the number of traffic lanes on some parts of Mary to make bike lanes possible. I won’t get into my opinion on the topic. Frankly I’m pretty indifferent my commute tends to be opposite of traffic so it’ll have little effect on my life. It will however make the option of biking to my destination a little more safe feeling.

The plan breaks Mary Ave down into four sections, with the total effected area stretching from Fremont Ave. to Maude Ave. The first section which may or may not be finished by the time you read this article is from Fremont Ave. to El Camino, the plan is to remove one lane of traffic from each direction and add a center-left lane down the middle. This will make room for bike lanes and preserve parking on this stretch of Mary.

The second section from El Camino to Evelyn Ave will be done a little different. Parking will be removed from the West side of the street and all traffic lanes preserved. The lanes will be shifted over to make room for bike lanes down both sides of the street.

The third part of this street modification and rehabilitation project is from Evelyn to Central Expressway. Again all lanes will remain but they along with the median will be narrowed to allow room for the bike lanes.

The last section to be modified is from Central to Maude. As you know there are currently 3 lanes in either direction. They plan to remove one lane from each side to add a buffer zone and a bike lane.

The hopes of this project is to encourage people to commute to work on bike more often and alleviate some of the motorized traffic congestion down Mary Ave. during commute hours.

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