Sunnyvale Real Estate Update – beginning of September

I know this is just a bunch of boring numbers, I will be doing a video update on youtube shortly after I post this so if reading is too boring but you do want to know about the market stats here in Sunnyvale keep an eye out for that video. I’ll link it here when its up and you can find it on youtube if you search Sunnyvale Real Estate update.

So its a new month and time for a new Sunnyvale real estate market update. In August homes on average are selling 4.4% above asking price. Indicating that we are still firmly in a seller’s market. Average days on market is trending upward since the summer months which is pretty normal for this time of year. August average is 20 days up from the 17 days in July and the 13 days for the 4 month preceding that. As a seller though as long as homes are selling above asking their is nothing to worry about, I mean whats an extra week on the market gonna hurt?

Average sale price across the board (single family, town houses, condos) in Sunnyvale in August was $1,201,675 which is holding right in line with all of 2016. Of course there is a little fluctuation from month to month. Inventory in Sunnyvale didn’t increase in August like it did the prior two months. There was 72 new listed homes and 71 sold listings.

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