Silicon Valley Clean Energy

In December of last year Sunnyvale voted 6-0 to implement Silicon Valley Clean Energy’s new GreenPrime 100% renewable energy program. Starting in April of this year all of the city’s energy will come from renewable energy produced by sources like wind and solar. Campbell, Cupertino, Morgan Hill, Mountain View, and Saratoga have committed to the program along with Sunnyvale.

Beginning in April customers in SVCE’s service area will automatically be enrolled in a program called GreenStart which will be 100% carbon free and consist energy produced by hydroelectric, wind, and solar. You will also be able to opt in to the GreenPrime program which they state is 100% renewable and 100% carbon free for a small added cost.

All this will still be delivered through PG&E existing infrastructure and will still be billed through PG&E as well. GreenStart’s electricity will supposedly cost about 1% less than PG&E’s generation rates. Instead of PG&E’s current 30% renewable and 60% carbon free you would be 100% renewable and carbon free.

GreenPrime will cost between 5% and 15% more than GreenStart. The average residential customer using approximately 460kWh per month would pay an approximate $3.22 premium for the GreenPrime Service.

By switching to the GreenPrime program the City of Sunnyvale will be spending around $141,000 more per year on the 15.7 million kWh of energy used for streetlights, parks, government run buildings, and utility operations. This money would come mostly from the city’s general fund and the rest would come from the sewer and water funds.

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