Peery Park Specific Plan

On September 20, 2016, Sunnyvale’s City Council adopted The Peery Park Specific Plan with a vote of 6-0. The plan outlines the development of 180 properties that make up the approximately 446 acre area known as Peery Park.
Peery Park is comprised mostly of industrial area and office buildings, housing large companies such as Apple, HP, LinkedIn, and Synopsys. The area is roughly bordered by Highway 101 to the north, the city of Mountain View to the west, the railroad to the south, and Mathilda to the east.
The plan governs the type of land use in the area and includes some areas that have been rezoned. There are plans to implement significant visual enhancements and improved transportation functionality down Mathilda and Mary Ave as well as other streets in the area. These enhancements include reconfigured parking and bike lanes down certain streets, as well as tree-lined landscapes down the median. It also includes possible plans to extend Mary Avenue further north, giving it a connection to Moffett Park.
Another interesting part of the plan is the $400,000 that has been allocated to a two year provisional shuttle program. The program is free for passengers and is planned to start service in late 2017. The shuttle will travel the perimeter of Peery Park, through downtown Sunnyvale, and down the El Camino.
Part of the plan that did not make it passed the vote was the proposed pedestrian and bicycle pathway connecting the neighborhoods at Ferndale and Duane to Mathilda, close to public transit stops. This would have caused the existing sound wall to be opened and would have potentially lead to people parking in residential areas and then walking to work.
Check back in the future for more in depth articles on the Peery Park Plan!

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