First Time Buyer – Selecting The Right Agent

It seems that home owners are quite a bit more selective when picking an agent than home buyers are. Which is odd to me, as a prospective home buyer I would want to ensure that I have the best representation. It is the biggest purchase most people will ever make and you should feel confident that you can trust your advisor (realtor).

This article should help you make an informed decision on who to pick to help you when you’re ready to buy. Interview multiple agents, this will help you get an idea of what of what an agent that knows what they’re talking about sounds like verse one that doesn’t. A good way to interview agents without them knowing is to take a weekend or two and go to open houses in the area you are thinking of buying. Just go in and talk to the realtor, see how engaging they are, do they seem happy to talk to you? Are they positive and motivated? Are they interested in getting to know about you and your goals? Ask them questions about the house, the area, and the general market. You’ll be able to tell which ones know what they’re talking about, they will make you feel confident in their abilities to represent you.

Once you find a couple of agents that you are interested in working with make appointments with them to sit down and talk about your goals. Tell them what you want and why, good agents will probably ask you these questions naturally. See how they advise you, are they giving you knowledge that will help you make more informed decisions or are they trying to push you into something and leaving you in the dark as to why.

You should feel confident in the agents ability to help you with the necessary paperwork, which there is a lot of! They should also be a skilled negotiator, their purpose is to help get your offer accepted and as close to the terms you want.

Another thing to remember is just like most successful agents pick and choose what clients they work with, you have the same power you don’t have to work with any particular realtor. If you feel they are not doing their job or are not keeping you informed you can decide to work with someone else. You’ll come across agents that will want you to sign a buyer-broker agreement, which is totally fine, agents use them to keep clients from using them for all the leg work and then switching to an agent at the last minute to write the offer because that agent will give them a rebate of part of their commission. A lot of the really good agents don’t tend to use them, they are good enough at proving their value to their clients and picking their clients that they don’t tend to have that problem as often.

I hope you found this information helpful and I would love to represent you if you’re planning on buying a home in the south bay. Feel free to contact me with any questions at or by phone/text 408.718.9319 you can visit my personal website at

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